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Big Thank You to the participants, organizers and sponsors!
Well done, hope you enjoyed it!

Dear participant, you have signed up for social meetings including vivid body movements, also known as parties, testing your boundaries and abilities through various activities, performing in public, enjoying yourself and others, becoming a better person, relaxing, hiking in the nature, doing sports etc. All this will happen in Estonia and Finland in July 3-18, 2010! From now on, this web site is your best friend: you'll find all the important information (including the program) here.

Places to be visited


Tartu is mostly known for its university that is the oldest in Estonia (since 1632). Therefore, Tartu is full of young people and maybe that's why there is one place called Pirogovi plats where public drinking is allowed (it's prohibited in rest of Estonia). Tartu also means lots of cosy pubs that offer cheap drinks. Estonia's biggest river Suur-Emajõgi also flows through Tartu. If you really wish to test your boundaries, try climbing up the bridge that is over the river.


Haapsalu is a nice little town located in West Estonia. What makes it special? The age: 731 years. The warm water: the sea is rather closed and thus the water is very warm. Therefore, it is the best place to spend your summer! Sun, happy people, warmth, something old (the castle), something new (you!).


Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, known for its beautiful Old Town.Tallinn is controversial: on one hand, you have candlelit medieval restaurants and merchant houses, beautiful tree-lined parks and the slapping waves of the Baltic Sea. On the other hand, there is the city that has been recognized for its forward thinking, state-of-the-art services and thriving nightlife. Tallinn is the European Capital of Culture 2011.


The capital of Finland was founded in 1550 on the shore of the Baltic Sea. The Helsinki Metropolitan Area is home to one million people. Helsinki is Finland's international gateway and it is a mixture of eastern and western cultures. Many of Helsinki's main attractions are related to the sea, including the Suomenlinna fortress (a UNESCO World Heritage site).

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