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Big Thank You to the participants, organizers and sponsors!
Well done, hope you enjoyed it!

What to pack

Clothes for doing sports, something for the mosquitoes (we have lots of them), a blank T-shirt, white or bright (we'll be printing the logo of our TSU on it, so there should be no pictures before! And it should not be black!), a sleeping bag, cup or mug, drink and food for the European Night, a smile.


Don't forget to bring your ISIC card.

How to get here

From Riga:
By bus: Take a public transport - there is a bus nr. 22 going from the airport to the bus station. From the bus station you can take a bus to Tartu. Check the schedule from www.luxexpress.eu or www.bussireisid.ee

By plane:
Now there is a possibility to fly from Riga to Tartu. Check the schedule www.airbaltic.com

By train:
There is also a possibility to take a train from Riga to Valga and from there a train or a bus to Tartu. The schedule for Riga-Valga can be found here and for Valga-Tartu from www.edel.ee

From Tallinn:
By bus or train:
You can take a bus or a train from Tallinn to Tartu. The buses go very often, check the schedule www.bussireisid.ee and for trains www.edel.ee

European Night

We'll be having 2 separate European Nights: for drinks and for food. Why? Then you can enjoy the food! Usually, when the EN includes drinks, then people forget the taste of the fantastic food because they get too drunk. The food night will be first, the drinking night will be on the next day. Bring the drink. You can shop for food here, so do not carry enormous bags of it. Take only the 'special' ingredients! The European Nights will take place in Finland, in the cottage (we have a nice kitchen there).

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