I'm green, pure and healthy * AEGEE * only thanks to the doctors from AEGEE-Tartu, Tallinn and Helsinki
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Big Thank You to the participants, organizers and sponsors!
Well done, hope you enjoyed it!

Zhuang He, Delft, 25
Wanna better life? Join the AGREE program!
Freddy Lopomo, Glasgow, 25
Brian Zammit, Valletta, 24
I found the attitudes of my better beliefs. Yyyyyeeehhhaa!
Giovanni Zalloni, Bruxelles, 32
Aegee people happy people :-)
Andreea Denis Pavel, Bucuresti, 20
A better life in a better summer!
Giorgios Pandis, Peiraias, 30
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
Lucia Orbe, Bilbao, 21
A better life? Difficult to say… just take it eaaasy, but not slow!!
Ready? Lets see what happens.
Jana Novotna, Prague, 22
Roberto Mastromarino, Cagliari, 26
Carpe diem!!! Especially this summer.
You must take your life to the maximum speed!
Marina Ramon Perez, Madrid, 21
Find your place in the North.
Maaike Wouda, Groningen, 23
Life is a chaos, enjoy it!
Sonja Vukelic, Beograd, 23
Oh my nuclear baby, let's face the music and dance
Teja Rajsp, Maribor, 21
Let's spice life up a bit with the spirit and spices of Estonia & Finland!
Mark de Vries, Tilburg, 22
Living life to the fullest by participating in AEGEE!
Carmelo Abramo, Milano, 26
1) Let your boredom/stress run out!
2) Come/arrive stressed leave entertained/enjoyed/healed!
Grzegorz Marzencki, Krakow, 25
Way to perfection leads through chaos.
Stephan Hackenbracht, Aachen, 28
Which came first, the Vodka or the Sauna?
Matthias Vincenz, München, 23
Happiness is made to be shared.
Ruben Bricio Agudo, Barcelona, 25
The target is to live your life... or... leave your life...
The answer you will find in TSU 'Guide to a Better Life’
Gerardo Flores Martinez, Catania, 25
Welcome to the marvelous world of AEGEE.
Barbara Drnovsek, Ljubljana, 24
AEGEE today, for a better tomorrow.
Marianna Guglielmino, Catania, 24
I can't get no satisfaction, I can't get no satisfaction, I'm gonna change all my life, with AEGEE Tartu, Tallin and Helsinki guide! I can't get no, no no noooooo
Zuzana Caplova, Bratislava, 20
A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.
Viktoria Martyanova, Sankt-Peterburg, 19
AEGEE-Spirit! Just let it guide you to a better life!
Adrian Bărcăceanu, Mannheim, 20
Floating on the wind of change …

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